Patented Cantilever

The last generation of the Cantilever. Sturdy for bars, beams, planks and heavy material.


  • certified steel

  • self-levelling shelves

  • welded or bolted bases

  • modular cross bracing

  • one side or two side uprights

  • technological patented connection


Sturdy, versatile and easy to install, the Cantilever LogicLever is suitable for storage of rods, beams, profiles, wood boards and panels. It can be used also to store pallets, rolls, or compact material with accessories such as the continuous shelf.

To join the upright, the Cantilever uses the “logic clamp system”, a patented connection which allows the accurate adjustment of shelves in height and their perfect leveling.


  • patented safety device against falls for shelves and bases

  • patented connection system between upright and shelves

  • covers for outside

  • fixed or sliding side panels also with pvc tarp

  • continuos shelves for pallets or compact materials

  • roll cradles

All Cantilever racking systems

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